5 Signs Your Garage Door Has To Be Repaired

Garage doors are used more frequently than front doors by homeowners to access their homes. Your garage door must work properly for your convenience. Garage doors are likely to require repairs due to regular use.

Many homeowners make the error of waiting to have their garage doors checked by professionals until they break or if the hardware is damaged. You could end up paying a lot more for garage door repairs later on.

You must recognize the signs that your garage door needs to be repaired to avoid costly and untimely repairs.

1. Garage Door Can’t Open / Close

If the garage door doesn’t open and close properly when you press the buttons on the remote or wall panel, the garage door likely has a problem. This could be a simple problem, such as an accidentally locked garage door, an engaged disconnect switch, or a more serious problem like faulty connections between the control panel and the door, misaligned or off-track photo eye sensors, or other malfunctions.

2. Noisy Door Operations

It’s not unusual for garage doors to make noises while they operate. However, be aware of unusual garage door or opener sounds that could indicate repairs.

  • Grating: Bent coils
  • Rumbling: Spring tension lose
  • Banging: Defective garage door panels
  • Grinding: Wearing rollers or poor lubrication
  • Squealing: The garage door is not balanced
  • Rattling: A loose support rail or chain

3. Garage Door Is Off Its Tracks

Garage doors can be safely and reliably operated by moving up and downward on the tracks with rollers. The garage door may become unstable if it is old or damaged. This can prevent the door from opening and closing properly. Call a professional to check the garage door and offer repair recommendations.

4. Sections Sagging Garage Doors

Regular garage door maintenance should include a balance test every year. This will check whether your garage doors are sagging. To perform a balance test, remove the opener from the door and lift the garage door approximately halfway up the tracks. It’s balanced if the door holds its place. If the door slams shut or snap open, it is either out of balance or sagging. A sagging garage door could result from worn tension springs, or dulled tracks and rollers.

5. Slow Response Time

Is it taking more than a few seconds for your garage door to respond when you press the remote? Although it may not seem like an urgent repair, a delay of more than a few seconds can indicate a problem with your garage door system. Delays in operations could indicate problems with your opener or garage door opener. This includes broken opener cords and pulleys, worn remote control circuitry, bad rollers, or corroded pulleys.

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