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5 Signs That You Need Your Roof Repaired

When should you repair your roof or when should you replace it?  If your roof is fairly new, you may be able to get it repaired at a minimal cost. However, if you see repairs that need to be made and your roof is older, it may need to be replaced.

Most asphalt shingle roofs last about a decade to 30 years. It depends on the quality of the material and the regular weather conditions. For example, a shingle roof will last longer in cooler climates than when it is subjected to heat regularly. Also, weather extremes, such as hail, winds, or snow, will impact a roof’s longevity.

Reviewing the Services of Roofing Companies in Omaha: When It’s Time to Make Some Upgrades

When contacting roofing companies Omaha, you’ll need to consider the factors that will affect your decision for a repair or replacement. The following information will give you the clues needed to make a decision for preserving or switching out your roof.

1. Shingles that are Curled, Cracked, Missing, Dark or Duty

If your roof’s shingles curl, feature cracks, or display a dirty, dark or damp appearance, they are nearing the end of their lifespan. 

So, if you notice problems with the appearance of your shingles or see that many are missing, you need to replace your roof without delay. Otherwise, your roof’s condition will affect the overall maintenance of your house. A roof that has deteriorated can cause a home to develop problems with mold or become structurally damaged over time.

2. Problems with Wear and Tear

You may also notice problems with deterioration around the roof’s chimney, pipes, or vents. If your roof is newer, you can make specific repairs to these areas.

Wear-and-tear also surfaces in the form of shingle granules – coarse and black sand that frequently settles in your gutters and downspouts. When the granules accumulate, you may experience problems with keeping your gutters intact, or notice issues with drainage.

3. Blistering, Peeling, and Staining Problems Due to Excess Moisture

Is the paint on your home’s exterior peeling or blistered? If the attic does not have sufficient ventilation, increased moisture can build up close to the roofline. This may lead to a blistering or peeling problem. It may also indicate that you’ll need to replace your gutters.

You may also see stains on interior walls and ceilings because of excess moisture. This may happen if there is a problem with a roof’s underlayment. If you notice this type of water issue, a roof replacement is in order.

4. A Leaky Attic

If you notice your attic is leaking after a rainstorm, you may need to replace the flashing if your roof is newer. Otherwise, you may have a problem with the roof’s underlayment, which, again, will call for a roof replacement. Leaky roofs often allow sunlight to stream through small openings in the attic on sunny days.

5. Higher Energy Costs

If you notice a spike in what you pay for energy, such as an increase in what you spend to heat or cool your home, you should check to see if you have a ventilation issue or if your roof needs to be replaced.

Concluding Thoughts About a Roof Repair or Replacement

Do you notice problems with moisture? Maybe your shingles are missing or look shabby. If so, you need to contact a roofing company right away. Whether you need to repair your roof or replace it, you’ll find that scheduling the work is well worth the investment for what it gives you in peace of mind.

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