5 Reasons you should be ISO certified

For certain industries, such as construction, engineering and mining, technology, health, and technology, ISO certification is crucial for proving that a company meets the applicable standard.

Although ISO certification is sought by organizations to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, many organizations need accreditation to be able to bid for work, win tenders, and grow.

Certification can help you improve your business, even if it is just a way to get work done.

These are 5 reasons to become ISO certified. However, the list of tangible benefits and intangible benefits that you will receive once you achieve certification will be much greater.

1. Use a process approach

Each business has processes, formal and informal, that are part of its day-to-day operations. These are tasks that are completed in order to deliver products and services at the highest standards for the customer. To ensure that these processes can be repeated and predictable, the ISO standard requires documentation.

The lowest price is not the only factor that will help you win work. Large corporations and governments around the globe are demanding more from their organisations. They are looking for businesses that can not only promise quality results but also show they can deliver them consistently.

A process approach can be used to monitor and control documented processes. This will highlight areas for improvement, which in turn will lead to better performance.

2. Customer satisfaction can be improved

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Each customer will have their own perception of quality. Many companies work in cross-purposes with clients to provide what they consider to be valuable and important to their target market. However, they are often frustrated by complaints or losing business because they did not anticipate the customer’s needs.

Customer-focused business practices can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is cheaper to win repeat business than new business so it pays to keep your customers happy.

3. Find improvement opportunities

There are 10 core clauses that provide a common structure for a variety of ISO standards including ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. This allows organisations to easily integrate the management and implementation of multiple standards.

Clauses 9 & 10 in each standard focus on Performance Evaluation & Improvement. So regardless of the standard, you are certifying, you will be measuring, analyzing, and evaluating your supplier performance and then making adjustments to improve it based on this feedback.

4. Productivity increases

Certification of your management systems to ISO standards has a major benefit. It helps streamline your existing processes and ensures consistent high-quality results.

It provides a framework for how employees within a company can follow and support the system. This fosters greater engagement in operations by involving people. This can result in lower turnover, increased productivity, improved trust and collaboration, as well as a happy and skilled workforce.

5. Increase market share

A certified management system will not only improve customer satisfaction but also your reputation. A formal commitment to quality is often required for formal tendering for public sector contracts.

A certified management system can help you access a variety of contract opportunities, which could potentially increase your market share and revenue.

Many of our clients have found that ISO certification has helped them secure larger contracts and gain new clients.

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