5 Pitfalls of Moving: Be careful to avoid the common moving mistakes

5 Pitfalls of Moving: Be careful to avoid the common moving mistakes

There are a million and a half things to consider when moving from one home to another. To ease the stress of a move, it’s helpful to list the most common mistakes that people make during moves. A few minor mistakes during a move can add up to several problems later. Luckily, these problems can be minimized.

Here are five common mistakes you can avoid next time you’re moving:

1. Not getting in touch with the utility companies in advance

Notifying your utilities is very important. It’s not just, so the moving company will know to stop service at your old address when you move. It’s also so they can set up services for when you get to your new home. Plus, informing them of the location change ensures that your services won’t be turned off by mistake.

Solution: Call utility companies as soon as you know your moving date

2. Not knowing how to take care of household pests

If you leave food, water, or shelter for animals in your home after you move out, there’s a possibility that it will attract rodents and insects. Even if you have an exterminator schedule, the pests could come back before the exterminator can get to your home.

Solution: Ensure the house is checked regularly by an exterminator before moving out, and take care of any food or water sources that could attract animals during your move.

3. Leaving furniture behind in the new house

Furniture is heavy, and it costs a lot of money to move it. However, leaving furniture behind isn’t a good idea because it can damage your new home and may require you to buy new furniture when you get there.

Solution: Take as much as possible with you on the moving truck or hire movers to do it for you. 

4. Not securing valuables before moving them

To avoid scratches and dents on furniture and other valuables, securing them before moving is vital. If they become damaged during the move, you may not be covered by your home insurance, so make sure everything is appropriately secured with pads and blankets

Solution: Pack all valuables carefully or hire movers who will do this for you.

5. Not being able to figure out how they will transport their animals

When you move, your pets must be in a safe place during the process too. If you need to find places to stay or board them with someone else, make sure you get this arranged before moving day. It is also important to remember that animals are not allowed in some homes, so you may have to pay for pet-friendly hotels while searching for a new home.

Solution: Speak with the movers ahead of time about boarding pets while you move (if possible), and make sure to plan out where your pet will stay during the move. 

Bottom line

Even if you don’t make these mistakes, your move will still be full of stressful moments. But hopefully, this list will help you efficiently avoid the most common moving errors. 

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