Plug and play office or coworking office spaces. Have you thought about it? Well, it could be a great idea if you are to minimize the budget needed to rent a facility for your small business.

Yes, shared office space is a popular choice amongst freelancers and large and medium sized companies alike, not to mention start-ups. Why is coworking space in Mumbai becoming so popular? In 2 words – Flexibility and Efficiency. And also, because coworking office space lets you find the best jig to work out of and also adds professionality to it. In case you are wondering what the similarity between a coworking office, and a jig is; a jig is a tool that lets you attach 2 pieces of wood without considerable effort, and yet you don’t see where the screws are hiding. Awesome, isn’t it? This way, small or medium-sized businesses don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate place to get their business going. A shared office space allows professionals to be more productive at their work, making their deliverables more efficient.

So, are you also looking for the same professional experience that a traditional office would give, but at a lesser cost and without compromising efficiency? If yes, then think about running an office in a coworking centre.

5 major benefits of coworking office space

Want to find out the major benefits of choosing a coworking office over a traditional office? Here we go –

  1. Cost

Renting a shared office space is more economical than renting a traditional office space because you don’t have to pay the rent for the entire building, but only a small furnished office place. You don’t have to worry about owning a building and paying for expensive equipment. Isn’t that more economical?

Running an office space on rent traditionally may have been a good idea earlier. But if you are someone who needs more flexibility and productivity, then shared office space is for you.

Additionally, a coworking office space helps a lot if you have got a small or even large team size because a coworking centre can provide you with all the resources and facilities according to your team size. It saves a lot of money than you would spend on getting your office infrastructure done in a traditional office space.

  1. Networking

Greater things happen when great minds come together. Just think about it – working alongside a like-minded and vibrant community in a business centre and interacting daily with other companies on the premises. Great idea, isn’t it?

It becomes easy to network with other entrepreneurs around your workspace when you opt for a managed office. Regular and interactive events that gather other professionals from the plug-and-play offices will surely keep your staff motivated, and it also becomes a great platform to share ideas.

  1. Employee Satisfaction

What impact does a coworking space have on employee satisfaction? They will be happy and busy at work in a professional and functional environment, thus, more productive.


Your employees can interact with people from different organizations, and it has a positive effect on their work habits as well. Also, coworking desks give them the flexibility to adjust their working hours which certainly keeps them happy. Besides that, they get to enjoy best-in-class amenities such as breakout zones, tea or coffee points, well-managed reception, and housekeeping staff for administrative duties.

  1. Services and Amenities

In a coworking space, you get many more resources than what a traditional office offers you. Be it anything from small desks or large conference halls to fully furnished office spaces and electricity with 100% power backup and experienced team to look after routine administrative tasks. What more do you want?

Additionally, coworking office spaces offer a professional setup that you need to work with your employees as well as clients. With the location being at prime business hubs, a coworking office provides an impressive physical business address too.

  1. Privacy

Working together in fully serviced or managed office spaces in the business centre does not have to worry you. You can retain your brand identity and ensure that your team gets a separate pantry, restroom, or recreational area along with desk space.

To sum it briefly –

As mentioned earlier, flexibility and efficiency are appealing facets of coworking office spaces. One such workspace provider offering community and member benefits is iKeva, that not only fulfils your basic requirements but also provides professional facilities. iKeva provides coworking office space, serviced offices, and meeting rooms across premium business locations across three major cities, namely Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

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