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5 Hidden Benefits of React Native That No Entrepreneur Wants You to Know!

In the last few years, React Native applications have catapulted from a scratch in mobile app development services to being a leading groundwork for many enterprises. With over 68,9% of respondents expressing interest to continue working with React.js in 2020, the Facebook-made React Native enjoys a market share of 42%, making it a great support framework for all types of mobile applications. 

Today, most entrepreneurs who seek a reliable source of productivity, intense interest, and maximum fluency of operations are exempted from their stressful app development solution with React Native. That’s why many emerging startups and large firms partner with IT outsourcing company to leverage a sure-guarantee market exposure for their apps. 

But the vital question that still revolves isn’t solved yet- Why React Native is an excellent deal for mobile app development services? Is it better than other app frameworks? Does it provide a competitive edge for its customers that still isn’t publicly known? Continue reading our article to find out the most advanced benefits of React Native that can help you boost your business to its highest potential. 

5 Key Advantages of React Native 

1. React Native is Community-Driven

React Native boasts an open-source community where millions of developers communicate with each other. Unlike various other frameworks, React Native provides a highly community-driven nature that can help you choose a plethora of pre-existing features, large catalogues of freely available components, and real-time knowledge and support from enthusiastic JS developers. 

2. Saves Time and Expenditure

Another great advantage of React Native is adding endless features in a mobile app without writing from scratch. Mobile app developers can use up to about 90% of the code between Android and iOS, allowing you to launch your app on both platforms at once. With this cross-platform adaptability, not only does your development lifecycle be reduced, but you save a hefty sum of your budget as well. 

3. Benefit of Live Reload

‘Live Reload’, by far, has proven to be the nail in the coffin for React Native applications. With the React Native framework, firms can benefit from the Live Reload maintenance feature that ensures live changes in their apps in no time. This way, even if your app is online and used by thousands of customers, you can change the code and make all changes without taking it off the server. 

4. Robust App Performance

In such a time of highest performance measure, React Native strives for its users’ best. The platform makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and is supported by the intensive CPU (Central Processing Unit) that provides powerful performance for apps. The framework also ensures fast feasibility and efficient mobile services in lower size support that is a great benefactor amongst other hybrid technologies.

5. Intuitive Architecture Bring Better Results

React Native framework is entirely modular and intuitive, allowing its owner to learn and grow on to it in the fastest manner. 

With such an independent nature, companies can highly increase their flexibility within a development team. They can exercise various programming logics and tests independently, thus leading to better understanding and positive results on your investment. 


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