Most Trending Prescription Sunglasses Of 2022

For all those who require an eyesight correction, prescription glasses are a must. However, it also needs to be noted that these pairs are not suitable for outdoor bright sunny conditions. If you already own a pair of sunglasses, it is better check it out before using it on daily basis. The reason for the same is that whenever you encounter such a condition, apart from eyesight correction, another major requirement is UV protection.

So what is the solution? What you require is eyesight correction and UV protection in the same pair. This is when prescription sunglasses can come to your rescue as they are super effective in performing the above-mentioned dual function.

Last year, I bought a top quality pair of prescription sunglasses from Specscart – an eyewear startup in the UK, and believe me, these pairs are more than just amazing. You too can try out the wonderful sunglasses range of Specscart by visiting their website, and even follow them at Specscart facebook for updates from the company.

To guide you on your prescription sunglasses purchase, here are the most trending styles of prescription sunglasses for 2022.

Round Styles

These retro styles are a modern-day sensation. The simple circular structure resonates well with all those who desire to keep things minimal, and you also have the option of moving past minimalism and adopting something funky and quirky by experimenting with the frames.

Round prescription sunglasses are super simple to style. They are suitable for all face shapes, although exceptional in the case of enhancing angular facial features. Adding to their versatility is the fact that they can be worn at all occasions. 

The pairs that come in metal frames are an all-time classic. You even have the option of acetate frames in regular colours like black, grey and brown, or bold ones like green, purple, pink, among others. The amazing variety of round prescription sunglasses is bound to leave you mesmerised.


If you are looking for a timeless prescription sunglasses trend, aviators certainly satisfy this criteria. The unique teardrop structure of the aviators brings out the best in all face shapes. Don’t underestimate the top bar, which goes a long way in enhancing the style quotient of aviators.

When it comes to choosing the frames for your prescription sunglasses, the wire frames might not be the best option to go with. No need to worry as there are a plethora of other options available.

The relatively thicker metal frames will do wonders. Nowadays, the aviators in acetate frames are also a massive craze among fashion enthusiasts.

Among certain sections of the public, there is a  perception associated with aviator sunglasses that they are not a stylish option for women. This is not true at all, as there are stunning feminine styles as well to choose from.

Oversized Frames

The 1970s was the time when oversized frames shot into fame, and ever since then, there has been no stopping this style from finding a place in the trending charts more often than not. Every now and then, you can spot celebrities styling the oversized sunglasses and can’t stop yourself from appreciating their pleasant aesthetics.

You can look for round frames in pastel shades, cat-eye frames with bolder upswept ends, square frames with sharp edges, or even geometric frames with asymmetrical sides. When it comes to colours, funky is the way to go. Oversized sunglasses with frames in pastel shades are a massive craze in present times.


How can we miss out on wayfarers here? The boxy and edgy visual appeal of wayfarers impart a sharp and bold look to whoever dons them.

Wayfarers are such a fashion statement that they are considered as a subgenre of sunglasses. The chunky square-framed structure makes them a versatile style, suitable to be worn on all face shapes.

Well, the iconic thick black frames are certainly a trendsetter. However, as the popularity of these styles kept rising, the variety of wayfarers also saw an expansion, resulting in not just one but multiple pairs of wayfarer sunglasses for everyone.

From wayfarers in quirky colours like yellow and green to the tortoiseshell wayfarers, the collection of wayfarer prescription sunglasses will never disappoint you.

Geometric Styles

If you are looking for an offbeat style of prescription sunglasses, geometric styles is your way to go. They will certainly make you stand out, and that too in style.

Geometric frames are all about executing sides and angles to perfection. Whether those with symmetrical or asymmetrical sides, sharp or slightly curved angles, geometric styles are a definite showstopper.

For that sophisticated look, you can try out geometric prescription sunglasses. To add more to the sophistication, you have the option of pairs that come in metal frames.

Now that you have got the clarity as to what are the trending styles of prescription sunglasses, your next move should be to add them to your wardrobes for beating the UV rays of the sun with a clarity of vision, and in style.

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