5 Best keyboard apps in Malayalam

In today’s world, we do a lot of our typing on our phones rather than on our laptops. It should be a given that you can use your gadget in your preferred language. Technology companies are working hard to develop the tools that will allow people all over the world to get the most out of their goods. We communicate with our loved ones through a variety of methods, including video chats, phone calls, and messaging. Messaging, or as millennials call it, chatting/texting, is the most popular mode of communication right now. 

But do you know what a better approach to feel more connected to your loved ones is? Language. Doesn’t your native language, the one you grew up with, have a way of making you feel at ease?

Malayalam, among the many languages spoken in India, is one of the most culturally diverse. However, texting in Malayalam is more difficult, especially without the right software. There are numerous apps available for typing in Malayalam on your phone or desktop. However It’s difficult to pick the one that’s right for you from among the few that do.

Malayalam Keyboard with Stickers

It lets you write in Malayalam directly or utilise its excellent text-to-speech features to have the keyboard write for you. This keyboard is my favourite because of its incredible technology, which accurately detects the user’s intent as well as the Malayalam accent. 

However, the best feature of this programme is that it allows you to make animated photos/avatars of yourself. These images can then be used to create personalised Malayalam stickers (Stickers with your animated avatar head). Similar stickers can be made with images of your friends and loved ones with Malayalam text of your choosing.

Language Addon for Gboard 

The tried-and-true Gboard is, without a doubt, one of the most popular boards out there, and for good reason. It’s free, versatile, and offers a wide range of customization choices. The option to download other language packs, including indic languages like Malayalam, is one of the botaload of features. Furthermore, it incorporates a powerful language prediction and error correcting system.

Bharat keyboard

The Malayalam typing keyboard from Bharat Keyboard makes talking in Malayalam a breeze for everyone. If you’re driving and can’t text, or simply want to multitask, leave it to the Malayalam keyboard to handle everything. Simply say what you’re thinking, and the keyboard will type it for you. In Malayalam Typing App, you’ll find a plethora of Malayalam stickers and GIFs. Malayalam stickers and GIFs can be simply shared with other Malayalam speakers to record relatable moments. Default themes are a thing of the past. With this fun function, you can give your English to Malayalam typing keyboard a personal touch. You may choose from the lovely themes in the keyboard theme section, or make your theme out of any photo in your gallery. Malayalam Typing Keyboard by Bharat Keyboard provides you entertaining and colourful BigMojis. 

Simply long-press any emoji on the emoji bar to share BigMoji with your friends and family. 

Sticker patterns for special occasions, Malayalam festivals, and moods are available. 

You may personalise the stickers even further by adding custom text to them in any language (Malayalam or English). Download Malayalam keyboard here!

Malayalam Keyboard – that allows you to type in Malayalam. 

It’s a pretty good app. It was one of the first Malayalam typing keyboard apps That was used by majority of the people, however the upgrades were not as good as the others on the list. Many users re-downloaded it to check out the most recent version, which seemed to be satisfactory. It offers all of the essential functions, such as a Malayalam keyboard (with 94 keys to explore Malayalam characters) and a Voice to Text capability. Although there are Malayalam stickers on this keyboard, they are fairly generic. If you’re having trouble with the other two Malayalam keyboards, give it a try. It is not as customizable as the other two Malayalam keyboards if listed in terms of options.

Malayalam keyboard by Clusterdev

It contains a key function that allows you to quickly switch between Malayalam and English keyboards. It also allows you to input in English while also suggesting Malayalam terms. There are some settings that can improve your Malayalam typing experience, such as activating “Vibrate on keypress” to add a slight vibration when you press any key or enabling “Vibrate on keypress” to add a small vibration when you press any key. When you select “Press space to select the word,” the Malayalam prediction will be selected automatically when you press space.

Common features in Malayalam keyboard apps 


* The Malayalam Keyboard programme allows you to simply switch between English and Malayalam keypads. 

* Malayalam words can be translated into any other Indian or international language. 

* You can change the font colour as well as update the text. 

* It also includes all of the emoji symbols. 

* The Malayalam keyboard includes special characters, icons, and number keys, allowing users to quickly type any Malayalam text.
There is no doubt that in today’s world technology has provided us with abundant ways to stay in touch with our near and dear ones just with the use of a smart device. Keyboard plays a very crucial role or rather I should say the most important role in helping people talk or chat with people through a common language. In india, there are numerous languages and culture and it is thus crucial to understand the importance of using a native language to type in a keyboard. Having a Malyaalam keyboard or a hindi keyboard is the best option anyone can have in their smart phones because these are the most frequently used languages in India. The addition of emotions and colour changing themes and background in a keyboard makes it more interesting for the user to have an interactive experience while chatting. Also, the voice over text feature just acts like a cherry on the cake in every keyboard.

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