5 Advantages Of Using A Static IP Address For Your VPN Connection

The static IP address is one that is assigned to you on a consistent basis, and you use the same IP address no matter how many times you refresh the connection. However, in a private connection, it is preferable to use a static IP address because it provides many advantages that a dynamic or shared IP cannot. The dynamic IP address, on the other hand, is the IP address that changes every time you refresh your private connection. The first is a static IP address, and the second is a dynamic IP address. Some VPN services allow you to use a static IP address for an additional fee per month or year. Here are the top five advantages of using a static IP address in your VPN connection:

1. It Is Not Blacklisted By A Variety Of Online Services.

The majority of the dynamic or shared IP addresses used in various VPN servers have been used by a variety of people. Some VPN service users may use their private connection for legitimate online activities, while others may use it for illegal activities. Because so many people are using the same IP address at the same time, you don’t know who is using it for good and who is using it for evil. IP addresses are blacklisted by various online services, making it impossible for you to access their content.

2. It Will Be Recognized As A Valid IP Address For Geo-Restricted Services

Many online services will refuse to process your requests if you use a blacklisted IP address because it poses a threat to their online services. This is due to the fact that many of those shared addresses are used to launch DDoS attacks against those services as well as send various types of threats to disrupt them. As a result, many online services will only deal with users who have a static IP address because they believe them to be legitimate and trustworthy.

3. You Are Aware Of How This IP Address Is Used.

Because you are the only user assigned to a static IP address, you know exactly how to use it. If it is ever blacklisted by some services, it is almost certainly because you are abusing it. You can control and manage your private connection even better if you use a dedicated IP because you operate it yourself and share it with no one else.

4. It Can Be Used To Circumvent Any Type Of Censorship Or Restriction.

Many users are unable to circumvent certain censorship in their countries, even when using a private connection to access the censored websites. This is usually because their IP address has been banned from the service, preventing them from accessing the content.

5. It Is Safe To Use For A Variety Of Secure Online Activities.

With a dedicated IP, you will have a permanent IP address for your connection, allowing you to do a variety of online activities that require greater security protection. You will have no trouble accessing various security-heavy websites such as banking and shopping websites using this IP address because you will be considered a legitimate and trustworthy user from your destination country (depending on the server location that you choose).  

These are the advantages of employing a static IP VPN connection. While it may necessitate an additional investment on your part, using a static IP address will provide you with greater comfort, privacy, and security when browsing the internet through your private connection.

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