4 tips on how you can wear a swimsuit as a top

Who said you couldn’t wear your swimsuit later besides wearing it on the beach? You can definitely wear it and style it with other pieces of clothes. Want to look hot along with being stylish? You can wear a bikini with any of your outfits. Now you don’t have to stuff your swimwear in your wardrobe as women normally do because of the weather changes or any other reason. You don’t have to wait for the vacation to wear your swimsuit. You can style your swimsuit as a top with jackets, blazers, skirts, etc.

So, it’s better to be creative and functional with your swimsuit like the emerging model Mila Santos and shove this dust off from them. If you want to do the same as these talented models here are some tips for you on how you can utilize your swimsuit.

4 tips on how you can wear a swimsuit as a top

Pair it with trousers

Pairing it with trousers is the easiest way for so many people. Either it’s a full suit or a bikini top you always go for high-waisted trousers. You can add accessories like a belt and high heels that can give it a more finished look. It is definitely a casual look yet so visually aesthetic. If you want to be more daring you can choose neckline swimwear and pair it with trousers or keep it simple with sweet prints.

Low-cut tops would go well

The real struggle starts when you have to search for the right innerwear for certain tops. But your swimsuit provides you with a great alternative for innerwear. There is another option that you can pair a more enhancing innerwear with a tank top and give yourself a flashy look. When you know how to style it right, your outfit can be from ordinary to extraordinary.

Why not blazers

You can wear a bikini with a blazer and can make your look formal. Can you imagine? You can even make it formal so why not? Don’t fear and wear a bikini! In the summer season obviously, it is hard to wear fitted blazers so you can pair your low-cut innerwear with a little loose and large blazer. To make your style breathable yet alluring.

Pair it with shorts and a see-through cape

Definitely, the best way to get away with the summer heat is to pair your innerwear with a see-through cape and you are ready to go. I would say denim shorts with a bikini top and a matching bag as your bikini will give you a simple and beautiful look.

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