4 mistakes to avoid at the beginning of your design journey

If you are starting to dab your toes in the world of interior design, you are in for a joy ride. With so many design elements, terminology, and tools to know, you are sure to step out as a professional. Even seasoned professionals sometimes feel they are by themselves when implementing a design theme. Here is a list of mistakes you would want to avoid at the beginning of your design journey: 

  1. Setting unrealistic expectations

When you start your journey in interior design or interior architecture, you are prone to make some errors. After all, it is a new concept. You may be trying to draw a pattern on a wall and accidentally draw random squiggly lines. You may be a fantastic designer, but you are still a beginner. So, how are experienced and beginners different? Just do away with unrealistic expectations right from the beginning.  

  1. Not getting hands-on

If you are done with your foundation design course, you may be ready to start work on your first project. But do you know how to design a space? Do you know where to begin? If not, you need to get your hands on some interior design work as soon as possible. While there are places to find internships, unpaid work, and volunteer opportunities, you can also find a place to make some money designing spaces with local businesses in your city. 

  1. Unaware of CAD Software

If you are a beginner in the design field, you should take time out of your schedule to learn the basics of CAD software. Not only does it save time, but it also helps you avoid errors, ensuring your designs are up to code. There are a ton of interior design software options on the market. If you are new, you would want to start with a program that is relatively simple to learn, even if it is not the most advanced program out there.

  1. Afraid to ask for help or take classes

If you are a newbie, seek help or take classes. Many veterans in the field are more than happy to help a new designer get up to speed. There are plenty of courses in design and workshops offered online that help beginners become more familiar with varied software, the basics of sketching and drawing, printing, and finishing up a design.  


Learning interior designing involves numerous layers. Anyone can become an interior designer with the right mindset, patience, and helpful tips. Once you have wet your feet, you are on your way to making a career out of it.

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