4 lesser-known benefits of coworking space

In the past, we’ve all heard stories about beginning an office from one room or garage, however, now the Gen Z and Y cohort is streamlined. The one-room office does not fascinate anyone, especially when workspaces with plush interiors and other resources that facilitate your goal are easily available. We’re talking about coworking spaces. Working out of offices that are not your own, and still are your own is not such a paradox anymore not in this day and age. With little investment and a lot of benefits, such plug-and-play offices or fully equipped serviced and managed offices render important benefits. These benefits are less likely to be calculated as they have an intangible value. Some of these are listed below:

1. More productivity: With productivity and outcome being imperative factors in the growth of an organization, a business center is an integral part of such growth. When compared to working from a cramped, one-room office, the benefits are huge. In a room, you have only those facilities that you can invest in. Limited facilities apart, you tend to feel isolated as well. It is unlikely to think of a comfortable workspace in a single-room office. This being said, the coworking spaces are, on the contrary, much more facilitated with amenities such as high-speed internet connection with managed IT support, pantry with unlimited tea/coffee/water, air conditioning, a printer and scanner, 24×7 power backup, professionally managed reception with trained-housekeeping and security, and an ambience that encourages mentorship and connecting with other professionals that cannot be compared to a one-room office. All this is available with a minimum rent, without any stress of paying monthly. These advantages promote a stress-free environment at work thus allowing you to focus on the essentials rather than worrying about logistics.

2. Networking: This is indeed a vital yet lesser-known benefit of a coworking space. This is because networking isn’t talked about. But the long-term benefits of collaborating and working in the same space with peers and like-minded individuals just can’t be overlooked. Observing the long-term aspects of a coworking space in Hyderabad , the business resources you are exposed to on a daily basis are aplenty. Professionals from various backgrounds, yet aligned thoughts, become your greatest support when you are looking for ideas. The helpful guidance that you may get here will be unmatched.

3. A great space for your team: As a business leader, it goes unsaid that you are responsible for the comfort of your team. Once you have like-minded individuals working with you towards a shared goal and as a team, it is difficult to let go of them. This is possible when you provide comfortable seating, a good ambience, professional service, and facilities that would encourage their productivity and creativity. Hence, coworking office spaces are a great way of retaining a team who will work with you with the same passion that you have for your company. Even freelancers who are working require motivation to upgrade their skills. Without a good environment, creativity gets marred. It is here when the coworking space comes into the picture and plays an efficacious role.

4. Scale the rent as you scale your business: As you attain business success, it is natural that you will require more space in the coworking office to accommodate your growing business needs. When that happens, the marginal increase in space and rent within the framework of ‘pay as you grow’ or ‘pay as you need’ does not pinch. This is contrary to the other rental spaces wherein the rent begins from day one, irrespective of how your business is doing. At a coworking space, this requirement is understood and hence, they have the facility wherein you can pay for as much space as you are using along with the time and amenities you are using it for.

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