4 Benefits of Using Digital Technology in the Recruitment Process

Every company require new talents to give them innovative business ideas and new human resource. However, physical recruitment was not possible after the COVID 19 pandemic. Hence, the whole process became digitalised. 

More than 60% of recruiters believe that new and upgraded software should be used for future recruitment so that new technology can be incorporated. It will not only enhance the interactive experience between the recruiter and the candidate but also showcase the company’s technological aptitude, for example, using video for recruitment processes. 

The recruitment process consists of various complex steps that require a lot of data gathering, networking, communication, assessment etc. And with digitalisation and technology, it has become easier to build a large network from different parts of the world and make the recruitment processes approachable for the potential candidates. For example, a person living in a different state can apply for a post and move ahead with the recruitment process in a company situated in a distant state because they can fulfil all the tasks with the help of technology like video for recruitment. 

The following points are some of the main benefits of using technology for the recruitment process. So if you want to know these benefits, then you can check them:

  1. Cost-Effective

When a recruiter has to schedule offline recruitment for a company, they have to make many arrangements, like calling all the candidates and scheduling their appointments with the respective interviewers. This process can waste a lot of money, time, energy and resources but entail limited results. However, if the whole process is shifted online, then a lot of resources can be saved from both the recruiter’s side and the candidate’s side. 

  1. Saves Time

With the help of technology, a lot of time can be saved while recruiting. For example, a company can arrange video interviews rather than schedule them on the office premises. It will not only save the candidate’s time but also save the recruiter’s time. You can also save time by adopting a technology-friendly procedure to recruit more candidates for your vacant posts. 

  1. Better Assessment and Efficiency

When a recruiter uses software to process recruitment, they can easily set everything up based on the software features. It is comparatively easier to shortlist candidates with the help of the gathered information and schedule interviews. The software also allows the recruiter to assess a candidate based on many grounds, and this adds to the many benefits of using technology for recruitment. 

It does not limit your understanding only to the CV of the candidate. Using technology for recruitment is also good because it is more efficient than the offline process. For instance, when a company invites a candidate for an offline interview, the candidate has to wait for a long time, affecting their confidence and activeness. However, in an online interview, the schedules are fixed and require the candidate to appear on time.

  1. Collaborative Experience

When you conduct an online interview, you have a chance to include more interviewers who are sitting in a different location. This motivates the idea of a collaborative recruitment experience and helps in a better assessment because there is more than one reviewer of the interview. 

These points consist of all the benefits of using technology for recruiting new candidates in a company. And you can find many service providers who can help you get video content or assist in organising video interviews, and you can find them online. 

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