3 Types Of Evaporative Coolers That Will Save You Money

There are many types of evaporative coolers. There are a variety of evaporative air coolers. Some can be carried around while others need to be attached to the wall. Fixed units blow air directly into buildings, while others use ducts to move air to different locations. Evaporative cooler ducts can be larger than regular ducts. A faulty duct system can reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner. The conditions in your shop or home will determine the type of cooler you need. There are three types:

  • Direct evaporative air coolers
  • Indirect evaporative air coolers
  • Mounted “draft” air coolers

The size of your space and your geographical location will determine the air cooler that you choose.

Direct Evaporative Air Coolers

These devices, also known as swamp coolers or temperature controllers, are the most economical and cost-effective. These devices are easy to use, cost-effective, and can be moved anywhere. They don’t require any installation. Simply plug them in, add water and they are ready to go.

These units make use of the cooling power of water vapor to reduce the temperature inside your shop by up to 26 degrees F on hot and dry days. Warm air from outside is drawn into the evaporative pad. Once trapped, air molecules are cooled through evaporation. A powerful fan of 30 inches in diameter pushes the moistened air through industrial spaces.

Indirect Evaporative Air Coolers

These coolers don’t add humidity and aren’t swamp coolers. They are also not portable. The indirect cooling method, on the other hand, allows industrial spaces, restaurants, and other businesses to cool their space to temperatures lower than those provided by portable swamp coolers. The best air evaporative coolers all have one thing in common: they work better if the outside air is hotter. Indirect coolers use a secondary source of air that can be heated before it enters the evaporative pad. Two air sources can be combined and heated, then chilled using one or two stages. It sounds “cool”, right?

These units can be more costly. They also require a duct system for air transfer. Operators will lose the money-saving feature that makes swamp coolers and direct evaporate air coolers so attractive. However, indirect evaporative coolers are still cheaper than A/C.

Mounted Coolers

Some coolers can be both direct and indirect. Direct air coolers need to be mounted. However, they can be portable or mounted. An evaporative cooler can be mounted on the floor, on a windowsill, or the roof.

Ground mounting is the least common method of installing air coolers. Cold air falls and hot water rises so there is less circulation of cool if it’s generated near the floor.

Window-mounting has become a popular choice for small rooms and smaller work areas. A window-mounted air cooler will always have fresh air.

Roof-mounting evaporative air units will require air ducts and more frequent maintenance. Installation is easy, provided that the correct air ducts have been installed.

You can find a portable evaporative cooler, also known as a. Air coolers are cheaper than A/C and can be used to cool a swamp cooler or other permanent items.

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