14 Hottest Twist Braids Hairstyles Trending This Season

Easy to achieve twist braids hairstyles

Are you tired of straighteners, curlers, and other chemical products damaging your hair while styling? 

Twist braids hairstyles are a terrific way to protect your hair and give it a break from everyday styling routines. 

Twists are not only protective but also customizable, low-maintenance, and fun to style. This versatile and sophisticated look is simple to achieve at home or in the salon. 

So, whether you want to wear your twists up, down, knotted, long, short, straight, or curled, Hair Factory provides premium quality hair that will meet all of your hair needs. 

With that, let’s get into some of the best twist braids hairstyles to amp up your hair game!

  1. Shoulder Length Twist Braids

Shoulder length twist braids hairstyles

Twist braids hairstyles don’t have to be long; a shoulder-length style looks just as good and is often more practical. 

The more twists you use, the more volume you’ll have to play around with! 

Some prefer their twists to be securely knotted, while others prefer a looser and more romantic look. Whatever length you choose, this twist hairstyle is practical yet attractive.

  1. Twisted Box Braid Half-Updo

Elegant twist braids hairstyles with an updo

Do you want to learn how to do twist braids hairstyles, but your hair is currently styled in box braids? 

Then today is your day because twist styles look fantastic with other bold braids and will quickly become your new hair best friend! 

  • Twist the braids on your top part of hair into a high, spiraling bun to get the look. You can twist your strands however you want, creating a one-of-a-kind look! 
  • Just be sure to use a durable hair tie to secure the twist bun.
  1. Low Braid Twist

Wedding-ready twist braids hairstyles 

Are you having trouble deciding on a hairstyle for an upcoming event? 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and elegant style, try this low braid twist updo, which is perfect for weddings and other formal occasions. 

The best part about this red carpet-worthy twist braids hairstyles is that it only calls for a classic 3-strand plait! 

  • Simply coil the braid into a low bun at the nape of your neck and fasten it with bobby pins once it’s finished.
  1. Twist Braid Space Buns

Cute space bun twist braids hairstyles

Have you recently added some crochet braids to your tresses? Then you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the twist braids hairstyles

What better style to rock than some space buns if you’re looking to add a rave-ready edge to your look? 

It’s quite easy to do a twist braid with buns, and it’s the perfect foundation for adding bling and shine to your mane!

  1. Flower Top Updo

Flower top updo 

Do you want to learn how to twist your knotless box braids? 

It couldn’t be easier: just twist your knotless braids into a flower half-updo, and you’ll have a spring/summer-ready ‘do in no time. 

As far as twist braids hairstyles go, you would think this one is a little tricky to pull off, right? 

Wrong. In fact, you can get this stylish ‘do in just a couple of steps with braiding hair bundles!

  1. Senegalese Twist Updo

The Senegalese twist braids hairstyles

Senegalese twist braids hairstyles are a popular look among naturalists all around the world who don’t want their manes firmly braided. 

Instead of wearing your twist braids down, create an updo with your long mane and twist your braids as you create an updo to make each strand stand out!

  1. Twisted Fishtail Braid

The twisted fishtail braid

What could be better than a single fishtail plait? Two fishtails, of course! You’ll have an unmatched style mix if you twist these intricate-looking plaits into twist braids. 

To achieve these twist braids hairstyles, part your hair down the middle and create two ponytails. 

  • Weave fishtail plaits all the way to the ends, then twist both braids together. 
  • Pin your hair in place and finish with a spritz of hairspray for added hold and shine.
  1. Bob Twist Braids

Trendy bob twist braids 

Bob twist braids hairstyles with a side part look vibrant and bold when matched with a honey brown color. 

You can add hair jewelry to your look for an edge and bold finish.

Short twists and braids appear even more beautiful when you do not go crazy with the style and just let the twists stand out casually. 

The twists appear fuller due to their collarbone skimming length.

  1. Long Black Twists

Long black twist braids hairstyles 

The more twists you have, the more spectacular the results will be. If you have long hair, twisting it is a fantastic way to express your personal style. 

Although they appear to be extremely heavy, they aren’t significantly more so than any natural hair weight.

  1. Passion Twist Braids

The classic passion twists

Twist braids hairstyles have evolved throughout time, but the original passion twist is still in trend. 

This decades-old style has lasted for years and is still popular today. You can create this boho-twist hairstyle at home without any hassle!

  1. Medium Senegalese Twists

Medium twisted Senegalese twists

If you have thin to medium thick hair and don’t want to go too big with your twist hairstyles, then medium Senegalese twists braids hairstyles are perfect for you. 

Try these amazing medium twists and pair them with hair accessories that can add an edge to your look.

  1. Twist Braids and Cornrows

Twisted braids with cornrows

Cornrows and twist braids hairstyles can be intertwined for intricate designs. 

Cornrows at the top and free-falling twists in the back allow you to wear your braids in various ways. 

Twist braiding is a simple option that you can request from your hairdresser if you can’t decide whether you want braids or twists. 

Have a diluted foam wrap product on hand to protect your kinky twists from becoming fuzzy.

  1. Black Braids With a Deep Side Part

Deep side parted twist braids hairstyles

Play around with your twists to achieve different looks. A deep side part like this for twist braids hairstyles is quite attractive and enhances your facial features.

It pairs well with statement earrings like large hoops and a silver tassel earring. 

  1. Colored Twists

Jumbo colored twists

Choose a color that creates a fashion statement to show off your jumbo braids hairstyles

There are dozens of trendy hair colors to choose from that look wonderful, ranging from honey caramel to popping burgundy.


Twist braids hairstyles are a great alternative to normal braids, regardless of your natural hair texture. 

A twisted braid uses two strands of hair instead of the three. This gives the twist a smooth, feminine look while keeping its gorgeous shape. 

Your hairstyle preferences do not have to be limited to the ones that we have mentioned above. 

You can go crazy with your creativity and explore the world of hairstyles you can achieve with twist braids. 

Just keep in mind, not to overdo whatever hairstyles you want to achieve because too much of anything can damage your hair!

Twist hairstyles come in various lengths and sizes and are easy to install and style. 

If you’re a fashionista like us, we recommend checking out Hair Factory for high-quality hair and to achieve all of the hairstyles we’ve listed above.

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