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12 Ways Having A Website Can Benefit Your Small Business

It’s surprising to learn that so few small business owners have a website in this day and age, when digital technology and the Internet have changed how we live and work.

Only 46% of small businesses have a website, which is astonishing. When you consider that people spend an average of 6 hours every day on the Internet, this data seems perplexing.

According to the findings of a 2017 survey, 41% of small business owners believe they do not require a website. That they are likely unaware of the advantages of having a website for their small business. A situation that Web Design Company Dubai have helped to remedy.

1. Increases the Credibility of Your Business.

It is your internet company address, which is an easy way to browse a website. On the Internet, this is where your customers, clients, and associates look for you.

The Home page highlights your branded value proposition, the About Us page provides information about your company, and the Contact Us page provides information on how to contact you.

It gives your company credibility and legitimacy. It provides your company with a name and serves as documentation of its existence.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that having a Facebook profile for your business is sufficient to establish credibility. According to a 2015 survey, 84% of consumers believe that having a website makes your company more respectable than just using social media.

You must have your own domain to have a website. A company-branded e-mail is more believable than a generic one, according to 65 percent of respondents in the same survey.

2. It Builds Your Company.

Websites were mostly used for marketing and information before broadband technology became widely available in 2004. A website was more like a brochure; you needed one to be competitive. However, the substance was not well-considered or purposeful.

With the rise of the Internet, social media’s influence, and the ubiquity of mobile devices, your website has become an essential tool for growing your business.

Share Your Story – Customers support brands with which they share common values.

A website is an excellent opportunity to communicate your story; tell your audience why you began this business, your objectives, and what you want to achieve with it.

Obtain Customers – A rock star web profile is insufficient. Customers prefer to do business with companies that have websites, according to 36% of respondents. Only 21% of people will do business with a company that doesn’t have a website.

A website allows you to showcase your skills and experience.

Find Your Team – Do you need help running your company?

Create a Careers page on your website where interested candidates may fill out an application and upload their resume.

Advertise your job opening on social media with a link to your website. In no time, you should have a large pool of prospects!

3. It Enhances Your Online Presence.

Every day, 3.5 billion people (or 47 percent) of the world’s population access the internet. They’re looking for information, sharing it on social media, and shopping on e-commerce sites.

As the globe becomes more reliant on mobile technology to do Internet searches, this number is anticipated to rise. There are about 2.3 billion cellphones in use around the world. However, by 2020, the global smartphone market is predicted to reach 6.1 billion units.

You’ll be hurting your small business’s capacity to produce revenue if it doesn’t have a website. Not just any website, but one that is mobile friendly, meaning it can be seen on smartphones and tablets. According to statistics, mobile devices drive 65 percent of online traffic and one that Web Design Company Dubai is taking advantage of.

In the following ways, a mobile responsive website will assist you in taking advantage of the opportunities accessible on the Internet:

i. Improve your search engine rankings by optimizing your web pages.

ii. Create and disseminate relevant, unique, and useable information across various platforms such as social media and blogs. People who enjoy your content are likely to want to learn more about you and visit your website.

iii. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — A website, unlike a physical store, is open 24/7. Even on holidays, it is open 24 hours a day.

iv. Outsource customer care and have your agents handle any complaints and enquiries via chat or e-mail assistance on your website if you don’t want to miss out on possibilities.

4. Establish a Strong Rapport with Your Target Market.

A company is a live, breathing entity by definition. Customers develop loyalty when they recognize that they are dealing with a firm that understands their requirements rather to one that is only interested in making money.

i. Make it known “Who You Are” to the market. You can create a blog page to share your views and ideas with your audience outside of the Home and About Us pages.

ii. Consider your market’s needs. Encourage your readers to comment on your blogs to engage with you. Include survey forms in your website and invite your visitors to fill them out to express their requirements.

iii. Educate your business’s target market. Use the 80/20 Rule: 80% of your material should be useful or relevant to your audience’s needs, while 20% should educate them about your company.

iv. Customer service should be improved. Install chat assistance as the 5th avenue for customer care in addition to e-mail, social media, mobile, and landline. This will provide more possibilities for your customers to communicate their issues and questions.

5. A Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

You’re squandering vital resources, time, and money if you’re still employing old marketing methods. Press releases, print advertisements, flyers, and distribution are examples of traditional methods. Materials for the point of sale

Traditional methods are more expensive and cover less territory, despite their continued popularity. It’s also unsustainable; most flyers, posters, print advertisements, and press releases end up in the garbage.

Online marketing is more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient. You can utilize a variety of tools and approaches for online marketing, but without a website, your efforts will fall short.

Finally, web marketing is a long-term endeavor. Your content will be used. After a few months, you may easily update it and reuse it.

6. It Makes a Sales-generating Tool.

Because it is the termination or exit point in the sales funnel, a website may be both an active and passive tool for earning cash.

Converting sales via social media is quite challenging. There are no immediate payment options. A checkout counter, for example, is available on an e-commerce website where customers can pay for goods and services immediately instantly.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, can also be a good source of passive income. Advertisers will pay you for every person that clicks on their ad on your website. A good Web Design Company Dubai can help you achieve this.

Web Design Company Dubai

7. It Helps to Showcase Your Work.

Here’s a great job-hunting tip:

Create a personal website with a portfolio section.

Hiring Managers throughout the country wish job applicants were aware of this important tip. Small business entrepreneurs are in a similar boat. You can display samples of your work on a website.

A portfolio website may inspire more clients to test you out whether you’re providing interior design services, content writing, professional web design services, or other forms of work that can be made visible.

Include 5 or more client testimonials if you want your portfolio page to have more effect. Client testimonials can be added to the Homepage thatbis usually the first page of interaction with users.

8. Real-Time Monitoring of Your Company.

One of the most important advantages of having a small company website is that you can utilize analytics to track its success in real time. Such analytics will offer you with useful information about how your company has evolved over time.

9. It Makes Your Brand Professional.

Many small business owners make the mistake of waiting until they have traction before working on their brand.

Before you can launch your company, you must first work on your brand. Your brand offers your company its identity and helps customers and clients understand what it stands for.

The most efficient and successful strategy to create and professionalize your brand is through your website.

10. It Increases Your Market Coverage.

If you run a school, a website will help you reach a larger audience. People outside your jurisdiction can take online courses in specific subjects.

For instance, you intend to open a business leadership school. Modules can be created and then uploaded to your website. Those that enroll in your courses will have access to the modules and will be able to learn online.

You can also offer classroom training or one-on-one counseling in addition to module-based learning.

Anyone with an Internet connection can enroll in the classes. Someone interested in your program from Europe or Asia can join up if you live in Los Angeles.

11. It Makes Sure Your Business Is Prepared for Everything.

The necessity of having a website for your brick and mortar business is something that may be learned from the global Covid-19 outbreak.

Governments all across the world were forced to implement community lockdowns as a result of Covid-19’s widespread dissemination. Except for those with websites, businesses came to a complete halt.

Employees might work from home if their company had a website. Employees can check in, get the day’s tasks, and post completed work through a built-in site.

Customers can also email or chat with you through the website. Customers will have a venue to express their grievances if they have issues with your merchandise.

This will undoubtedly improve the image of your company!

There are fears that occasional lockdowns will be implemented because a coronavirus vaccine is still in the early phases of development.

Staying at home will protect you from Covid-19, but having a website will safeguard your company.

12. Maintains a 24-hour Operation for Your Company.

The Internet, unlike a physical store, does not have set hours of operation, making it possible for customers to reach you at any time of day or night. There are no paid holidays, and you can work “overtime” without incurring additional expenses.

As a result, a website can be a useful tool for enhancing customer service.

If your organization offers chat assistance, all you need to do now is hire customer service representatives who can handle incoming questions and issues and direct them to the appropriate person or department. Learn how to create a website to grow your business. Elliot Berard is one such person who makes his career successful by learning through programs.


You must be willing to invest in a website if you want one that is effective and will help you grow your business. Another reason for not having a website was expense, according to 19 percent of small business owners polled.

If you want your investment to pay off, make sure your website is well-designed, fully functional, has a quick download speed, and is jam-packed with useful information.

Regardless of the availability of free templates, do not try to build a website on your own. Hiring a professional web designer with the skills and training like many operating in Web Design Company Dubai to create a functioning yet aesthetically pleasing website is always the best option.

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