Circular Saw

101 Guide to Buy the Circular Saws In 2022

Circular Saws are the best for cutting different types of materials. We can use them anywhere, even at home. However, there are many features that you need to look at before buying any best circular saw. Here are some important factors that will help you to choose the best Circular Saw.

Go straight to the factors now!

1) Types of Circular Saws:

The first factor is about the type of saws available in the market. There are two types of circular saws:

a) Worm Drive Saw 

It has a heavy motor at the backside with gears towards the front or bottom part. Due to this design, it provides torque and power for a fast cutting process along with accurate cuts on the work material. Professionals mostly use it.

b) Sidewinder  

It is the most common type of saw found in the market. This type has a motor at the side that provides more speed than worm drive saws but less torque. DIYers and Homeowners mostly use this type.

2) Blade Size:

The blade size is another important factor you need to consider while buying a circular saw. The bigger the blade, the more cuts it can make in a single stroke. A 7-1/4-inch blade is the most common size, and it can be used for various applications. However, if you use your circular saw for heavy-duty purposes, go for a 10-inch blade.

3) Bevel Capacity:

The bevel capacity is the angle at which the blade can be tilted. It is measured in degrees, and most circular saws offer a bevel capacity of 45 degrees. However, some saws offer a bevel capacity of 50 or 55 degrees. If you need to make angled cuts, then go for a saw with a higher bevel capacity.

4) Depth of Cut:

The depth of cut is the maximum thickness of material that the saw can cut through. Most circular saws offer a depth of cut of 2-1/2 inches, but some offer a depth of cut of 3-1/2 inches. If you need to cut through thicker materials, go for a saw with a depth of cut of at least 3 inches.

5) Motor/ Horsepower:

The motor is the heart of the circular saw, and like the heart, it needs to be strong enough to power the blade. If you plan to use your circular saw on soft or tough materials, go for one with a motor that offers a minimum of ¾ horsepower. A 1 horsepower motor will work best if you plan to use your circular saw for heavy-duty projects. The more horsepower, the faster your cuts will be. You will find several options for motor of the circular saw on Friday Rack website. Visit them now to explore more!

End Remarks:

When choosing the best circular saw for your needs, it is important to keep the above factors in mind. With so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. But by considering the factors mentioned above, you should be able to find the perfect circular saw for your needs. Happy shopping!

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