10 Reasons Why International Students Choose Australia to Study

The decision to migrate to another country can be a big one, so it’s crucial to do your research on where to choose as your new home and way of life. As a world leader in education, Australia has many reasons why it has become an increasingly popular choice for international students to study at institutions like the University of Sydney or the University of Melbourne. In order to help those considering moving Down Under, here are 10 reasons why international students choose Australia to study.

(1) Great Education

There are a number of reasons why international students may choose to study in Australia, including its high-quality education, world-class universities and colleges, and established migration law. The flexibility of a student visa allows applicants both temporary residence and work rights during their stay. 

To ensure that you qualify for a student visa, it is important that you have an official offer of admission from a university or educational institution registered with Australia’s migration department. Student visas are granted on a course-by-course basis so there is no set expiration date; however, if you exceed your maximum permitted duration on any one visa category, your application will be rejected.

(2) Cheap Tuition Fees

One of key factors for choosing an international student is, without a doubt, tuition fees. In some universities in Australia there are still places available on several courses where students can pay their tuition fees per semester by just 2 or 3 thousand dollars. This means that students have to work for about six months only after graduating and receiving their diploma. 

Since Australian graduates are highly in demand all over the world, migration law does not pose any serious obstacle either. If you make sure that your educational qualifications were properly verified you can start looking for a job right away as soon as you arrive at your destination country. If you still have any question about this law, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional advice.

(3) Better Work Opportunities

One of these significant reasons for international students choosing Australia to study could be better work opportunities. What you may not know is that migration law in Australia states that international students can gain a two-year working holiday visa while they’re here which allows them to work, travel and earn money over those two years. 

A great way for young people on a student visa to support themselves financially while studying and make some much-needed contacts before returning home. Of course, there are other great employment options available too! From more permanent local jobs such as internships through to part-time, casual positions at cafes or restaurants- all part of life as an international student in Australia.

(4) Excellent Quality of Life

No. 1 is as good as it gets: in 2016, Sydney was voted not only Australia’s best city but also third-best city in the world. That’s according to The Economist’s annual survey of global cities (it even beat out Melbourne). 

And that wasn’t just a one-off fluke. In 2014, Sydney came in at No. 8 and 2015, it was ranked at No. 6 on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list of cities around the world. In short: It doesn’t get much better than living in Sydney and you can bet your bottom dollar that international students are taking note!

(5) Safe Country

Safe countries are free from violence, conflict and natural disasters. Under Australian migration law, safe countries include all nations within Europe (including Russia), New Zealand, Canada, Japan and USA. That means migrants from these countries do not need to apply for a Temporary Protection Visa or permanent protection visa as they will be automatically rejected at initial stages of their application. 

(6) Friendly People

When I started my career as a writer in Melbourne, I was lucky enough to find a job that allowed me plenty of free time. Of course, during that first year living in Australia, I used all my free time exploring. It wasn’t until after completing my studies and getting back into full-time work that I learned about medical tourism. 

Since learning about it, I’ve written about dozens of cases for both local and international audiences alike. Medical tourism is growing at an incredible rate – anywhere from 5-15% annually depending on how you measure it (see here for more). What’s even more surprising than its growth is just how little most people know about it.

(7) Medical Tourism Is on the Rise

In a globalized economy, more and more people are looking for ways to save money on their medical procedures. And why wouldn’t they? Medical tourism is estimated to be a market worth $600 billion annually. People from developed countries like Australia can fly overseas for treatment and procedures that cost up to 70% less than in their home country. 

In fact, thousands of Australians travel abroad every year for medical tourism services. And while there are advantages and disadvantages of flying out of your home country, when it comes to choosing where you want to get treated, factors like cost and quality will always come into play—the final decision is up to you!

(8) Wide Range of Experiences

One of my first experiences in Australia was attending a school soccer game. I was amazed at how every person was wearing their team’s colors, and later learned that many people actually traveled across town just to attend these games. 

Everyone supports one another and is ready to lend a hand when needed. These are all things that I love about Australian culture, and is one of many reasons why international students choose Australia as their study abroad destination. With great weather and cultural diversity, you won’t regret choosing Australia for your study abroad program!

(9) A Country Full of Adventure

A new country means a whole new set of experiences. You will learn about a different culture, find out what really makes Australian’s tick and meet some of your best friends for life. 

Make sure you take part in all that studying abroad has to offer—you never know when it might be your last chance! Here are 10 reasons why you should study in Australia.

(10) Strong Community Spirit

If you’re new in town and would like to find people who share your passions, there’s no better place than a university campus. Many universities run clubs for sports enthusiasts, theatre buffs, environmentalists and everyone in between. 

If you’re feeling homesick or would like to make some new friends, these clubs are an excellent place to start. Remember that if you’re living on campus, it’s likely your classmates will become close friends – these are people you’ll be with all day, every day!

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